Test-drive the Honda S2000

Honda S2000 roadster is a pure sports cars, front engine, rear-drive, drop-top, few frills.
The Honda's two-seater represents one of the best sports car buys going, as well as an awe-inspiring technological statement by a company that has absolutely no peer in the realm of extracting big horsepower from small displacement engines.
Like all Honda automobiles, the S2000's suspension is independent, with control arms at all four corners. It is distinguished from any other current Honda cars, however, by its front-engine, rear-drive layout, a platform developed specifically for this limited-edition roadster.
As you'd expect of a car in this price range, the S2000 comes with the usual luxury features-leather seats, air conditioning, an AM/FM/CD sound system, power windows, power mirrors, cruise control, keyless remote entry, and tilt steering. It also has a big red starter button to the left of the steering wheel.
At the very least, you owe yourself a test drive.
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