The Honda S2000 Hardtop

When the Honda S2000 came onto the scene and revitalized the affordable sports car. It offered a strong dose of driving excitement, world-class handling, and the highest revving engine you could buy, all for around $30,000.

While the convertible aspect of the S2000 is what might appeal to some owners, Honda does offer a hardtop for those owners who want to keep theirs.

S2000 covered with more than just the convertible top. Because it's straight from Honda, the hardtop fitted on the car is perfectly fitted and allows for a cleaner top-up look. The hardtop also greatly improves visibility compared to the small window on the soft top and offers more sound-deadening for longer cruising. The entire piece weighs just 44 lbs and can be easily fitted to the car with two people via two latches in the front and two swing-arm levers in the rear.

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