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While many other car companies are not doing too well these days, Honda has actually forecast a profit for the second half of 2009. How and Why? Aren’t car companies supposed to be in dire straits in these times? Aren’t Honda Earnings supposed to be in the basement right now?
The answer lies with you, the consumer. Americans know that Honda will give you the biggest and longest-lasting bang for the buck, so when it is time to spend one’s hard-earned cash on a car, there is no better company to put your trust. Also, when it comes to saving the earth, Honda is the best brand to choose, Honda has received many accolades such as being named this years “Green car maker of the year”.

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Are Gas Prices Affecting Automobile Sales in Miami?

The fluctuating price of gas has affected many markets through out the United States, especially the auto industry. According the American Automobile Association the average price for regular unleaded on Monday was $2.671 up from $2.564 a week earlier and $2.512 at this same point in September. Only a year ago we saw the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas at $2.699. It was also in July 17 of 2008 that we saw the average price of gas go up to an ultimate high of $4.111. The soaring gas prices haven’t made it easier these summer months either. People are so dependent on their vehicles this time around that it leaves them with no choice but to purchase gasoline at the regular price in Miami.
Sources say that crude oil had been holding at about $60 per barrel during the summer months and into early fall. Things have started to change slowly since then, as can be seen by the price for a barrel of oil this Monday priced at $82. "A weakening dollar could put significant pressure on dollar-denominated oil prices in the months ahead," Bank of America Merrill Lynch said, "The combination of surging money supply, a rapidly weakening dollar and a cyclical improvement in oil demand could push oil prices above $100."
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2006 Honda Element - The Versatile box

The Honda Element is a versatile box on wheels, combining unique and practical features with utilitarian chic.
Honda designed the Element for young adventurers who need to haul wet or messy gear, but with the security of an enclosed cargo area. The Element combines those practical considerations with car-like performance and economy.
Its durable, scratch-resistant interior is a big part of the charm here. The seats are designed to get wet and the back seats can be easily removed, serving up a huge cargo area. Loading and unloading gear curbside is aided by the Element's low step-in height. These features also make the Element a good dog car. Canines can easily walk in through one of the side doors, the interior is dog friendly, and there's not much to damage or stain.
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2006 Honda Pilot

The 2006 Honda Pilot models offer enhanced safety in the form of three-row curtain air bags that come as standard equipment. Curtain airbags are important because they can provide head protection in an accident; head injuries are the leading cause of death in side impacts and rollovers.
The available navigation system has been enhanced for 2006 with expanded voice recognition capability and Zagat restaurant ratings. A rearview camera is included with the navigation package to assist when backing up, a terrific feature that may sound like a gimmick but proves to be quite handy for spotting children on tricycles as well as for easier parallel parking.
The Pilot is the Honda of SUVs, practical, efficient, reliable, and powerful. It's a crossover vehicle, so called because it's built on a car structure and drives more like a car than a truck, with crisp, predictable handling and a smooth ride.
Capable of seating up to eight passengers, the Pilot is not a small vehicle. It's larger overall than a Toyota Highlander or Nissan Murano. It's wider and offers more cargo space than a Ford Explorer
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The Honda S2000 Hardtop

When the Honda S2000 came onto the scene and revitalized the affordable sports car. It offered a strong dose of driving excitement, world-class handling, and the highest revving engine you could buy, all for around $30,000.

While the convertible aspect of the S2000 is what might appeal to some owners, Honda does offer a hardtop for those owners who want to keep theirs.

S2000 covered with more than just the convertible top. Because it's straight from Honda, the hardtop fitted on the car is perfectly fitted and allows for a cleaner top-up look. The hardtop also greatly improves visibility compared to the small window on the soft top and offers more sound-deadening for longer cruising. The entire piece weighs just 44 lbs and can be easily fitted to the car with two people via two latches in the front and two swing-arm levers in the rear.

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All-New 2007 Honda Fit Achieves Top "5-Star" Safety Rating

The 2007 Honda Fit has earned a "5-Star" safety rating for frontal crash performance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced today. A "5-Star" rating is the highest government safety rating.

Ninety-nine percent of Honda-branded vehicles on a sales-weighted average now achieve this top front impact rating under the federal government's NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) program.

"The Fit has the highest level of standard safety equipment of any car in its competitive set," said John Mendel, American Honda senior vice president. "Fit's 5-Star rating demonstrates once again that Honda customers do not have to choose between safety, utility and fuel efficiency. The Fit has it all."

Already a leader in vehicle safety as demonstrated by Honda's "Safety for Everyone" initiative, Honda continues to implement leading airbag technology in all vehicles regardless of size or price. Dual-stage, dual-threshold front airbags, dual front side airbags and side-curtain airbags are standard equipment on all Fit models. In addition to its six airbags, Fit incorporates 3-point seat belts at all seating positions, as well as two Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) positions in the rear seats. Fit also utilizes active safety systems that include an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake distribution (EBD).

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Honda Odyssey EX & Touring

The Odyssey has standard dual front, side and side curtain air bags, ABS brakes with electronic brake force distribution, stability with traction control and seatbelt pre-tensionners.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) awarded the car 5 out of 5 stars (an excellent result) for both front passengers in a frontal impact and 5 out of 5 stars for the passengers in lateral impacts.

Odyssey is a van designed for families to move into. There is room for everyone and everything.

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