All-new Civic-The 8th generation of Honda’s core car arrives

On each carmaker’s lineup, there’s a core product that strongly defines the company philosophy and demonstrates its technological abilities. Sometimes, that core product enjoys so much success that it reaches iconic status. Honda’s core is the Civic.

The 8th-generation Civic seeks to redress all that, by once again promising sharp handling, good looks, and of course great engines. In this case, two engines: a 1.8 liter that delivers an impressive 140 hp, and a 2.0 that’s good for 155 hp. The 1.8, with an SOHC i-VTEC system, promises the acceleration of a 2-liter engine combined with the fuel economy of a 1.5-liter.

The big news in this class is the availability of a 5-speed manual with the 2-liter. Those choosing the automatic will also have the option to choose gears via racing-style fingertip controls on both sides of the steering wheel. The funky three-spoke oval wheel is adjustable for tilt and reach.

The instrumentation features a futuristic two-tier design, with speedometer and other frequently read gauges at the top for easy viewing; the tachometer and other gauges are mounted on the lower tier. Safety is better than on any previous Civic, with features that are the most complete in its class. The Civic comes with Vehicle Stability Assist and four airbags for the 2.0 liter model, and ABS-EBD standard except on the base 1.8V. The Civic features four-wheel independent suspension, with Honda’s trademark double wishbone setup in the rear, with disc brakes on all four corners.

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